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NHS plans to return after recess

15 July 2011

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The government hopes to return its plans for NHS reform to parliament in September, immediately after the summer recess, it has emerged.

MPs in the House of Commons chamber will be given the chance to reassess the Health and Social Care Bill for a period of two days once the recess comes to a close.

However, two days may not provide enough time for MPs to properly look over the proposed legislation, according to shadow Commons leader Hilary Benn.

The new Bill is likely to be quite lengthy, he suggested.

Mr Benn asked whether four days could instead be provided by the government for a review of the Bill.

He pointed out that the “lengthy Bill has had to go back to committee a second time”.

However, Commons leader Sir George Young responded that a “very generous” period of time had already been offered by the coalition.

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“Two days is very generous, given the huge number of amendments, enormous complexity and potential political consequences. Any longer and they might begin to understand its full implications” – Dr Theresa Eynon, Leicestershire

“Two days to privatise the NHS is about right for this gov. They wouldn’t want to be found out a second time!!” – Tom Gillespie, location withheld