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NHS pay for performance resource launched

5 June 2014

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An online resource helping to link staff pay with their performance to improve patient care and team motivation. 

Linking Pay With Performance is an online toolkit that is part of the Agenda for Change (AfC) framework, which began in 2004 and has been “constantly evolving since”, according to the chief executive of the NHS Employers organisation, Dean Royles and the resource represents the progress the AfC has made.

The free online toolkit includes ideas on good practice and examples of other organisations performing to the best of their ability. 

It encourages NHS bodies to take on the guidelines and implement the changes to their workforce in a tailor-made fashion, allowing for flexibility within the AfC agenda and openness to hear feedback from staff.

Mr Royles touched on the importance of ensuring the system is based around improving services to patients.

He said: “I know employers throughout the NHS want to deliver the best possible care to patients. We all know high quality appraisals are essential in a safe and modern NHS and this toolkit will help show how to better link pay increments to that process – something that historically has been an issue. Staff want to be rewarded for the work they do and of course it’s really important we deliver this as objectively as possible.”

Examples of great success have already been seen with NHS organisations and some of the reported improvements have been:

 – An increase in staff motivation as they are acknowledged for their excellence in care

 – Cost saving by avoiding overpayment of staff performing below the required levels

 – More successful management of staff

 – Fewer staff on disciplinary measures

AfC covers more than one million NHS staff and includes nurses, scientist and therapist support staff, administrators and line managers.