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NHS Direct to advertise their services

24 September 2007

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NHS Direct has launched a new £2.4m advertising campaign to remind the public that they can call to get answers for their health worries.

The service believes it is time to remind the public what is available through its well-established and highly popular telephone service.

NHS Direct will run an advertisement on local and regional radio stations and full page colour spreads in women’s magazines.

NHS Direct chief executive Matt Tee said: “It is time to remind everyone about the wealth of health advice and information they can get from NHS Direct by simply picking up the phone.

“Whilst many people now know about the service, we want to make sure everyone who could benefit from it is doing so.”

George Byrant, managing partner at advertising agency AMVBBDO, said: “We wanted to create a modern engaging campaign which gave NHS Direct a clearly defined role within the Nation’s health service.”

NHS Direct

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“Another waste of money! NHS Direct has proved to be like the curate’s egg – good in parts, but as it always seems to refer everyone back to their GP, what is the real point of it anyway?” – Name and address supplied