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NHS Confederation leader welcomes Cameron healthcare speech

4 January 2008

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The NHS Confederation chief has welcomed Conservative leader David Cameron’s speech on the NHS, in which he stated that “the best way to enhance the power of patients is through the mechanism of choice”.

Dr Gill Morgan, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents more than 95% of NHS organisations, said: “David Cameron’s analysis of the future direction of travel for healthcare is right.

“The huge potential of new technologies must sit alongside the need for people to make choices about their own health and wellbeing. An equitable service delivering excellent care to empowered and informed patients is what we all aspire to.

“Rising to the challenge of improving as well as maintaining the health service will take commitment from everyone working in the NHS and I have no doubt that empowering staff to get on with their job will hold the key to success.

“We therefore welcome David Cameron’s renewed commitment to less top-down targets and a focus on patient outcomes.

“The current burden of bureaucracy that the NHS faces stifles resources, time and energy. Sending the same data in a slightly different format to over 60 different agencies throughout the year cannot be a good use of NHS resources and a commitment to tackle this is also welcome.”

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