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NHS CB to launch a Commissioning Academy

30 April 2012

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The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) is planning to launch a ‘Commissioning Academy’ to reinforce the Board’s role in the support and development of CCGs.

Speaking at the NHS Clinical Commissioners conference in London last week (24 April), Dame Barbara Hakin, Director of Commissioning Development for the NHS CB, confirmed a ‘Commissioning Academy’ is in development to provide a platform for NHS CB senior figures to engage with CCG leaders and Accountable Officers.

Hakin said there will be a “shared responsibility of leadership” among the NHS CB and CCGs.

However, a spokesperson from the NHS CB was unable to tell GP Business when the Academy is likely to be launched nor what its final structure will look like.

Hakin also confirmed the NHS CB will have the final say when it comes to the appointment of a CCG’s Accountable Officer – while not getting involved in the interviewing process.

Also speaking at the same event, NHS CB Chair Professor Malcolm Grant said the Board will manage to have individual and personalised relationships with CCGs and will provide no central direction.

He also spoke of the need for the Board to have an “intelligible, clear and executable mandate”.

He said the government must resist explaining every clinical condition and produce a mandate “that could be printed in The Sun“.