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NHS CB ‘at pains’ to point out its supportive role

9 August 2012

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The NHS CB has reportedly been “at pains” to point out its authorisation process is “supportive” to CCGs as they prepare for their crucial site visits, which will begin next month.

Dr Phil Moore, Chair of Kingston CCG, which is in wave one on the authorisation timetable, said while it is important for the CCG to be seen as “robust” at the time of the visit, he feels the NHS CB “fully recognises [the authorisation site visit] is part of a developmental and staging process”.

“The NHS CB has been at pains to point out its CCG assessments are meant to be supportive,” he said.

It is believed a mix of representatives from the NHS CB’s Local Area Teams, ex PCT and SHA staff, a clinician from another area, and finance and commissioning experts will be present during the site visit.

The site visit will begin with an introduction before the CCG chair takes over with a 15-minute presentation. Break-out sessions will follow to pursue any key lines of inquiry and the day will round with two-way feedback.

Ahead of Kingston CCG’s site visit planned for the 19 September, Dr Moore said the point of the exercise is to convince the panel of his CCG’s intention, capability and enthusiasm.

He warned, however, not to forget about a CCG’s weaknesses.

“It is very important a CCG is honest about its weaknesses,” he said.

“They are equally as important as its competencies.”

Kingston CCG has been preparing to become a statutory body for the past two years. Dr Moore said the amount of work involved in becoming authorised is “heavy but fair”.

“For the gravity of what we are all going through, I don’t think the workload is unreasonable,” he said.

A spokesperson from the NHS CB said the CCG site visits will begin in September but couldn’t confirm a date for when they are due to begin and end.