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New study reveals a third of staff are stressed by work

1 October 2007

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A third of workers are stressed out by their daily routine, according to new research.

And almost one in four people never take a break from work, with many not even having a holiday, the study found.

The survey of 2,000 employees by Legal & General shows “growing concern” over the number of hours people are putting in, and the impact on their health.

One in five of those questioned said they work too many hours every week, and that they unhappy with their work-life balance.

Half of the workers questioned said they are worried about a lack of exercise, while two in five believe they are not getting enough sleep.

Many of those who do not take breaks during the day said they feel stressed, and worry that they are not getting enough fresh air.

Senior managers are the least likely to take a break from work during the day, while those at the top of their career are the most likely to work extra hours.

Dr John Delfosse, a company medical officer at Legal & General, said: “Work is very important to many people, providing purpose, self-worth and fulfilment, but for some, particularly those with heavy work responsibilities, they may become absorbed in their daily routine and so do not take time out for themselves during the day.”

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