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New rules mean health providers must recycle too

30 October 2007

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Practices will now have to start segregating their waste for recycling or relying on their waste management company to do it for them, due to new regulations.

From today (30 October) onwards, surgeries, hospitals and clinics will have to recycle their waste.

Under the pretreatment requirements of the Landfill Directive, all commercial and industrial waste disposed of at landfill after today must first be pretreated.

This means waste must undergo a physical, thermal or biological process that changes its characteristics and reduces its mass or hazardous nature, facilitates its handling or enhances its recovery.

This wil generallyl mean separate containers for recyclable waste, just like many households across the country. The alternative is to continue throwing their waste into one container for it to be segregated in a recycling facility.

A comprehensive explanation of the pre-treatment requirements can be found on the website of waste management firm Biffa.


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“We have been recycling for some years now, but find it extremely difficult to get the co-operation of PCT staff who also work from the same premises. Perhaps the PCTs would commence instructing their staff for the policy to be of some effect” – Name and address