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New revalidation set-up team receives £1m boost

8 October 2008

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Funding totalling £1m has been provided for the formation of a team that will work towards ensuring all doctors in England meet expected standards, the chief medical officer has announced.

Revalidation is the mechanism by which doctors will have to demonstrate at regular intervals that they remain up to date and are fit to practise.

Sir Liam Donaldson has now confirmed the formation of a revalidation implementation team. It will comprise a panel of senior doctors who will provide professionally informed leadership, support and advice to the NHS, patients and doctors’ representatives for the design and delivery of the process.

Sir Liam said: “The news that the NHS Revalidation Support Team is now in place marks an important step forward in the process of introducing revalidation for doctors in England.

“Their expertise and experience will be a critical source of advice and support in making that happen. This is good news for the profession and good news for patients.”

Maurice Conlon, head of the new team, said: “We believe that, for revalidation to work, organisations must step outside their normal boundaries.

“We are proud of our track record of building consensus and are enthusiastic about working co-operatively for the benefit of patients and doctors alike.”

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“Good news. The team will design and delivery of the process as support and advice to NHS patients and doctors to ensure all the doctors meet expected standard. I hope It is also spent for salaried and locum doctors” – Roheet Mehta, London

“Yes. There is quite a lot of work to be done and trusts are not up to speed on what needs to happen and what resources are required” – Dr J Thiagarajan, Stevenage