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New QOF guidelines proposed by NICE

1 August 2013

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NICE has proposed new Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators for 2014/15, including cardiovascular conditions and dementia. 

The ten new indicators proposed are: 

  • Four are based around mental health and behavioural conditions – including the percentage of patients with dementia who have a record of attendance at a memory assessment service and the percentage of patients with dementia who have contact details of a named carer on their record 
  • Four cover cardiovascular conditions – including the percentage of patients newly diagnosed with hypertension confirmed by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring 
  • Two indicators focus on providing advice about family planning to women with diabetes or who are taking medication for epilepsy

NHS Employers and the GP Committee of the British Medical Association (BMA) will decide on the indicators which will be included in QOF. 

Professor Gillian Leng, NICE deputy chief executive said: “These proposed new indicators for family doctors will help set high standards of care and improved results for patients. 

“All of the proposed new indicators are based on the best evidence and have been developed in consultation with professional groups, patients and community and voluntary organisations.”

The final QOF indicators will be published by NHS Employers in due course. 

All proposed indicators for 2014/15 are available in full on the NICE website.