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New “PBC Academy” to provide commissioning support

28 November 2007

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A new “PBC Academy”, launched by the NHS Alliance and Humana Europe, aims to provide support for practice managers, GPs and commissioning managers in primary care trusts (PCTs).

The programme offers short, practical training in professional commissioning skills. A half-day learning event for each module will be consolidated by accessible online information for busy frontline staff.

There are 11 modules, ranging from understanding and using data to commissioning emergency care. They have been designed by people with active experience in primary care commissioning as well as up to date academic expertise.

The programme is supported by the Department of Health, the West Midlands Workforce Deanery and the South East Coast SHA.

Initially, it will be piloted in these two SHA areas. It is designed to complement the more academic Advanced Commissioning Course.

NHS Alliance education lead Professor Ruth Chambers says:
“The PBC Academy programme is short, practical and down to earth. It delivers just-in-time learning.

“Busy frontline managers can’t afford to spend time on something they needed to know last week, nor on something they don’t need to know until next month.
“We are confident this programme will give practice-based commissioners the skills and knowledge they need to commission effectively.”

PBC Academy

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“At the present time PBC is a ‘bolt on’ to the day job and in most cases those managers actively involved effectively do so in their own time. Time can only be purchased i.e fund PBC correctly and is needed urgently if we are serious about its future development and sustainability. This academy may help us to focus where that funding is required and when as well as begin to answer some of the ‘hows’ – Peter A Larner, PM
Hadleigh Boxford Group Practice