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New GP register system defended by health chiefs

1 September 2009

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Health chiefs have rejected criticism of a new system to register GPs and said that it will not be a hindrance to any city doctors.

NHS GPs will be told to submit for a licence under the General Medical Council’s revalidation scheme, which will be updated every five years.

The General Medical Council believes that the new system is a long-term solution to tracking who is practising what and where, while it will help identify any unfit medics and not increase paperwork.

“The aim is to ensure doctors are up-to-date, fit for practice and can demonstrate they are living by their code of conduct – good medical practice,” said NHS Lothian’s medical director Dr Charles Swainson. “And once revalidation begins, the vast majority of doctors will find this new system perfectly sensible and easy to do. They needn’t be afraid of it.

“NHS Lothian is in a good position for the change, as we have been undertaking appraisals with doctors for the last five years now.”

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