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New e-learning resource available to help tackle health inequalities

by Beth Gault
14 October 2022

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A new e-learning resource has been published to help staff working in health and social care tackle health inequalities.

The resource, developed by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) and Health Education England (HEE) is a free-to-access module explaining what health inequalities are and how to address them in the day to day.

The new session, called Health Disparities and Health Inequalities, was added this week and forms part of the wider All Our Health programme, which has 29 other sessions on a range of public health related topics including climate change, adult obesity, homelessness and social prescribing.

HEE’s e-learning for healthcare programme said: ‘The All Our Health session highlights that everyone can help to address health disparities and health inequalities in the course of their everyday work or role.

‘It has been created to help health and care professionals, practitioners, commissioners, senior leaders, managers, and voluntary and community sector workers to gain a broad understanding of what is meant by ‘health inequalities’; understand the causes of health inequalities and implement the evidence-based actions and interventions that can be incorporated into everyday practice to address these issues.’

The Department of Health and Social Care said the resource will ‘give users a deep understanding of health inequalities and how they can be tackled, helping to improve quality of life while reducing costs to the NHS and benefitting the wider economy’.

It comes after a review was launched earlier this year to address the UK’s ‘grave inequalities in health and opportunity’ brought into focus by the pandemic.