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Nearly 90% of public satisfied with GPs, survey reveals

2 July 2015

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Of those who visited their GP in the last year 85% are satisfied, an IPSOS Mori survey on behalf of the Department of Health revealed.

Patients do feel that some groups are better cared for than others though as local NHS care for children is viewed most positively (72% of people feel they are well cared for by the NHS in their local area), followed by local NHS care for people over 65 (60%) and people with long term illnesses or conditions (57%).

However, the respondents felt that people with mental health conditions and people with dementia are less well cared for by local NHS services in general, as just 31% and 29% respectively said these groups are well cared for.

The ability to book GP appointments online continues to be the most popular option when people are presented with a list of new ways of contacting NHS services (54% say this would be the most useful option).

Yet, most people continue to consult their GP face-to-face, while almost a quarter (24%) have used the telephone to consult their GP, just 2% have used email and less than 1% have used the internet to make a voice or video call. This has not changed significantly since winter 2011.


There were 1,016 interviews conducted as part of the survey with adults aged 16 and over in England between 3 November and 17 December 2014, see the full results of the survey here.