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More MPs invited to visit local GP surgeries

13 July 2009

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MPs in England are being asked to visit a GP surgery in their constituency to learn more about the unique contribution they offer patients.

The MPs have been invited by the British Medical Association (BMA) following the successful launch of the scheme in October 2008.

Since then, 123 MPs have visited a local GP practice and a further 68 meetings are currently being arranged.

MPs from different political parties have participated in the visits and the BMA hopes that many more MPs will take the opportunity to visit local practices and see the vital role they play in the community.

It is also a chance for GPs to voice their concerns to MPs about issues they face at a local and national level.

Dr Richard Vautrey and his staff are among those who have met with politicians after his local MP visited his Leeds surgery in January this year.

Dr Vautrey said: “We had a very positive visit and the MP was able to hear the concerns of not just GPs, but of the practice staff and attached community nursing staff. I would encourage GP practices to volunteer to help the BMA as it is a valuable experience for all involved.”

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“I think that this is an excellent idea and would welcome the opportunity to show our local MPs the services which we provide and have the opportunity to air our concerns about the treatment we are receiving from this government. In the past when we have written to our MP all we got was the standard letter from a health minister” – Allan Stewart, Wirral