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Monitoring of remote patients takes a step forward

24 November 2008

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Remote-patient monitoring has taken a step forward with the introduction of the Intel Health Guide for healthcare professionals who treat patients with chronic conditions.

It combines an inhome patient device and healthcare management suite that allows clinicians to monitor patients in their homes and manage care remotely.

Said company spokesman Louis Burns: “This is a step forward in offering more personalised and effective management of chronic health conditions in the home, and will help address the challenges of an ageing population and rising rates of chronic disease.”

The guide enables communication between patients and healthcare professionals and provides clinicians with access to the most current medical data gathered in the home.

It includes vital-sign collection, patient reminders, surveys, multimedia educational content, plus feedback and communications tools such as video conferencing and alerts.

Martin Egan, Director of eHealth, NHS Lothian, which is piloting the technology, said: “Initial findings show that patients experience additional reassurance from the telehealth system, and the early indications around the reduction of hospital admissions look promising.”

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