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Monday is ‘most productive day’

2 December 2013

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Workers are most efficient at 10.01 on a Monday, new research has shown. 

According to the study, released by Microsoft Office, Monday morning is the best time to tackle a ‘to-do’ list. But if it is not completed by Monday, the chances of doing in drop dramatically, with two thirds admitting that they are not able to finish everything on it. 

The researchers found the main reason is lack of time, but 24% of employees put off tasks they do not like. 

Despite high levels of pressure, many employees arrange their to-do lists after work. 

Psychologist, Linda Blair said: “Working efficiently and completing tasks to a deadline are challenges that many of us struggle with in today’s demanding world. Keeping a to-do list is not just a method of staying organised. 

“Completing a task well and on time leaves us with a sense of accomplishment.”