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Mobile MMR vaccinations campaign exceeds target

4 September 2009

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MMR vaccination rates by NHS South West Essex’s mobile immunisation clinic are nearly double the target of 800 after a 10-week roadshow campaign.

It delivered 1,313 vaccinations at schools, colleges and busy community locations, as well as other vaccinations such as HPV and Meningitis C.

The campaign followed an outbreak of mumps and a rise in the number of cases of measles in an area where 20,000 children had not completed their full MMR course.

Says spokeswoman Kathy Abbott: “By making the immunisation service quick and convenient for children and parents, we have achieved higher levels of vaccination than in previous campaigns.

“The mobile clinic was the perfect solution for the fast-response campaign that we required. An added bonus was the fact that the vehicle carried very prominent health messages on the exterior, helping us to further underline our message.”

The campaign was run by Event Marketing Solutions (EMS), a health promotion roadshow specialist.

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