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MiP Risk Management Survey launched

7 July 2008

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Practice managers are asked to take part in a new online Management in Practice survey on risk management.

This survey is intended to assess practice managers’ general level of involvement with risk management, and to identify any areas where managers could benefit from support.

This will enable Management in Practice to feature guidance articles targeted directly at the areas where practice managers require information or advice.

As well as a focus on risk management and risk assessment, the short survey also includes questions on influenza epidemic planning, risk procedures for healthcare assistants, violence management and emergency planning.

The results should help indicate the extent to which different practices vary in their approach to risk management and disaster planning. A full report on the results of this survey will be featured in the upcoming Autumn 2008 issue of Management in Practice.

Stuart Gidden, Management in Practice Supervising Editor, said: “Risk management is a vital responsibility of today’s practice manager. But with so many separate daily tasks to attend to, and with practices running as very different,  separate small businesses, it will be interesting to see if practice managers have a uniform approach to this facet of their role, or if there are significant discrepancies.

“We’d like the results to be as representative as possible, so urge all practice managers to take around 10 minutes to complete the survey and share their responses.”

Four respondents chosen at random will win £50 worth of M&S vouchers. The survey will close on 25 July.

Click here to complete the survey.

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