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Ministers will consider whether homeopathy should be blacklisted

13 November 2015

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Ministers will, in 2016, consider whether GPs should be banned from prescribing homeopathy, according to George Freeman, the minister for life sciences.

However, The Homeopathic Medical Association – founded in 1985 – said that homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural defence mechanism, can help heighten resistance to colds, flu and other recurring infections, and costs less than other NHS prescriptions.

Speaking to the BBC, Freeman said that ministers are currently considering whether homeopathic prescriptions should be available on the NHS, in order to be cost-effective.

“With rising health demands, we have a duty to make sure we spend NHS funds on the most effective treatments,” he said.

“We are currently considering whether or not homeopathic products should continue to be available through NHS prescriptions. We expect to consult on proposals in due course,” he added.

According to the broadcaster, homeopathic GP prescriptions account for about £110,000 per year.