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Medical Defence Union: Try a computerised warning system for concerning diabetes patients

14 September 2015

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Try a computerised warning system for diabetes patients who cause particular concern, to avoid the risk of rising diabetes claims, the Medical Defence Union (MDU) said.

In order to avoid claims, the union recommends doctors consider having a computerised warning system to flag up patients who raise concerns.

Similarly, if diabetic patients repeatedly fail to attend review appointments, check they have sufficient information to ensure they are fully informed of the benefits of monitoring and the risks of not attending.

The number of patients alleging that doctors failed to diagnose diabetes or to manage it properly increased by 28% from 162 claims between 2003-2007 to 207 cases between 2008-2012.

In total 92 negligence claims have been settled for just over £8.2 million plus legal costs of around £1.2 million over the decade 2002-2012.

The union also advises that GPs: record how the patient will be managed and any follow up plans, according to the patient’s history and examination; make a note of important negative as well as positive findings and ensure patients know what to do if symptoms don’t resolve within a period of time.