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Media campaign to maintain swine flu awareness

12 August 2009

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A campaign has been launched in Wales to remind people what to do if they develop the symptoms of swine flu.

Leaflets have already been sent out to homes across the country, but the major drive in the press and on the radio will refresh the information in a bid to stem the outbreak.

It is hoped the campaign will reach visitors and inform them what they should do if they feel ill while on their travels, where to get advice and how to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading swine flu.

Figures show that the number of people contacting their GP about flu-like symptoms in Wales has fallen, but health officials say the fluctuation in numbers is expected and an increase in calls is likely over the next year.

Although Wales is launching the campaign, which encourages good hand and respiratory hygiene, along with Scotland and Northern Ireland it has decided not to join the interim National Pandemic Flu Service.

Dr Jane Wilkinson, Wales’ Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said: “We are strengthening existing services in the same way as Scotland did to manage the increase they have already seen, such as training more call handlers for NHS Direct Wales.”

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