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Many trainee doctors bullied

5 December 2013

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A fifth of trainee doctors have witnessed bullying in their current post, a major survey from the General Medical Council (GMC) has revealed.

The annual survey shows that a quarter of doctors in training have personally experienced undermining behavior. 

The findings also reveal that more than 2,000 doctors in training (5.2%) raised concerns about patient safety in 2013. 

Female trainees and trainees who obtained their primary medical qualification (PMQ) within the UK, are more likely to raise concerns, the survey of 54,000 trainee doctors found. 

Niall Dickson, GMC chief executive said: “More needs to be done to support these doctors and to build the positive, supportive culture that is so essential to patient safety. The best care is always given by professional who are supported and encouraged.

“The survey provides us and employers with crucial information about the quality of the training environment, which is also where patients receive care and treatment.  These doctors are in an ideal position to alert us to potential problems and employers will also want to reflect on these results.”