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Many GPs “object to inheriting NHS managers” – report

9 September 2010

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Most GPs object to existing NHS managers automatically getting jobs in new GP commissioning groups, according to a poll.

PCTs currently manage GP services and commission care, but under plans in a government white paper this role will be replaced by consortia of GP practices. PCTs, which are managed by strategic health authorities (SHAs), will be abolished by 2014.

But in a poll of GPs and PCT, SHA and practice-based managing commissioning managers by NHS Networks, some 53% of doctors voted against PCT managers having an automatic right to jobs under the new purchasing regime by 53% to 41%. Another 6% were undecided.

There was particularly strong feeling among GPs and consortia bosses, with some 79% voting against inheriting existing PCT managers. Some local practitioners questioned the quality of PCT managers, although most would consider hiring them if based on merit.

Among PCT and SHA staff, around a third (37) rejected the concept of an automatic right to a job under the new regime but some believed TUPE or other legislation would give them a legal right to those positions.

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