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Lung cancer outcomes ‘postcode lottery’

12 July 2011

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A study has claimed that where a patient lives has an effect on whether they will survive lung cancer.

The report, by The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, found that a greater number of people lose their lives to the disease in the north of England.

The study – to be launched in Parliament on Tuesday – also showed that treatment offered to patients in different parts of the country was of varying quality.

The charity’s Chief Executive, Dr Rosemary Gillespie, slammed the regional variations and called for areas with poor prognoses to be looked at again.

The study found a threefold difference in mortality rates, with Liverpool Primary Care Trust (PCT) recording the highest and Herefordshire the lowest.

“Despite recent advances, lung cancer remains a devastating disease and the most common cause of cancer death in England,” she said.

“Your chance of surviving lung cancer and receiving a treatment which could benefit you should not be decided by where you live in the country.”

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