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London workers “earn twice as much northern counterparts”

29 December 2008

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The average worker in London earns almost twice as much as those in other regions – taking home around £46,000 a year, a study has shown.

This top spot on the UK pay league contrasts sharply with the £25,551 earned by fulltime workers in the north east, the lowest average wage in the country according to research by the GMB union.

The national average came out at £31,300, with City of London workers banking more than two-and-a-half times that amount at a comfortable £82,000.

The report showed that among the top 50 areas of the UK for wages were 27 London boroughs, Windsor and Maidenhead, Bracknell Forest, Wokingham, Bournemouth, Surrey, Slough and Aberdeen.

Areas with the lowest earning workers included Blaunau Gwent in South Wales, Inverclyde, Ceredigion, Blackpool, Rochdale and Oldham.

Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB, said: “As well as taking measures to restart their economies, governments in the UK and elsewhere need to take steps to deal once and for all with the elements in the financial sector responsible for this recession.”

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