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Lib Dem MPs oppose NHS reforms

8 March 2011

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Two rebel Liberal Democrat MPs have thrown their weight behind calls to make major changes to the government’s proposed NHS reforms.

John Pugh and Andrew George have come out in support of Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop’s House of Commons motion, which claims that secretary Andrew Lansley’s plans will put the NHS at risk due to a lack of accountability and increased competition.

The coalition government will be nervously anticipating the Lib Dems spring conference this weekend where more widespread opposition to the changes from within the party could be made public after an amendment to oppose the reforms was tabled.

Dr Pugh said the current changes proposed for the health service would plunge the NHS into “chaos”.

He told “From the point of view of all the parties of the coalition, and the point of view of the NHS, I’d like to see substantial improvements and changes in the current legislation as laid before parliament.”

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