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Let health professionals decide on NHS – Cameron

2 July 2008

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Conservative leader David Cameron has slammed the idea of polyclinics as a “fad” and told ministers to “get out of the way” and allow health professionals to decide how to run the NHS.

Speaking as health minister Lord Darzi released his review of state healthcare, Mr Cameron claimed that his flagship proposal of a constitution for the NHS was actually a Conservative idea.

And said plans for “polyclinics” to provide GP surgeries and specialist treatment under one roof were no more than “the latest fad that the NHS does not need”.

Speaking at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in central London, Mr Cameron said: “The NHS has suffered from wave upon wave of top-down government reorganisations … The latest idea, polyclinics – shutting a lot of GPs surgeries and imposing polyclinics on communities – is just the latest fad that the NHS does not need.

“It needs the money, and it needs sensible reform which ensures the professionals are making judgments rather than the politicians.

“The constitution for the NHS was our idea, and it is a good one. People should know their rights and what they are entitled to – but it will only work if we put the professionals in charge and get the politicians out of the way, and I don’t think Labour are planning that.”

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