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Leicester City CCG set to retain leadership line-up

22 November 2012

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Leicester City clinical commissioning groups (CCG)’ second leadership election is set to result in no change in its line-up.

In a break out session on CCG engagement at the NHS Alliance conference in Bournemouth yesterday (21 November), Sarah Prema, chief strategy and planning officer at Leicester CCG told delegates that she predicted the election will mean the CCG “end up” with the same people leading the organisation as there were at the very start of its creation.

“This is despite a huge encouragement for new people to come forward,” she said.

Chairing the session, Nick Nurden, business manager at the Ridge Medical Centre, said the predicted election result would be “no bad thing” as it could aid “continuity”.

In other news, not one hand went up in the room when asked whether people’s position on individual CCGs were “well contested”.