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Last chance to take part in risk management survey

25 July 2008

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Practice managers are urged to make use of their last chance to take part in the online risk management survey that closes at 5pm today (25 July).

The survey, which has so far received more than 400 responses, is intended to assess practice managers’ general level of involvement with risk management, and to identify any areas where managers could benefit from support.

This will enable Management in Practice to feature guidance articles targeted directly at the areas where practice managers require information or advice.

Some interesting results have already come to light. Of the respondents so far, nearly a third don’t have a risk management policy in place in their practice, just under 40% do not have a contingency plan arranged in event of a flu epidemic, and 10% don’t have a general business continuity plan in place.

A full report on the results of this survey will be featured in the upcoming Autumn 2008 issue of Management in Practice.

Four respondents chosen at random will win £50 worth of M&S vouchers. The survey will close on 25 July.

Click here to complete the survey.

For more information on this and previous MiP surveys, click here.