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Kingsland CCG receives red rating by SHA

18 January 2012

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DH Advisor Dr James Kingsland’s CCG has been ‘red-rated’ by SHA NHS North West.

The SHA has been ordered to reverse the decision on NHS Wirral Alliance CCG by the Chair of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) if it wants to avoid damaging the reform agenda.

“This is yet another example of the degree of control, which is being exercised in relation to the configuration of CCGs,” said Dr Charles Alessi, NAPC Chair.

“Ultimately, this can only bring about clinical disengagement and apathy if the decision is not reversed.”

Dr Alessi said the CCG is “vibrant and achieving” with a 3% underspend.

“There is no evidence of failure [at the NHS Wirral Alliance CCG], only a challenge to managers with pens and maps.”

Dr Kingsland, who also acts as President of the NAPC, said the CCG is currently in discussions with the SHA cluster and hopes to reach a successful solution “fairly rapidly”. 

A spokesman for NHS North West confirmed the CCG’s red rating for its configuration in the risk assessment stage leading towards authorisation in a statement to MiP.

“The pathfinder process is designed to help identify the potential risks of different clinical commissioning models, and ensure that the final compositions of clinical commissioning groups are robust and effective,” said the spokesperson.

“It is good practice to take into consideration a range of key criteria to prepare pathfinders properly for the CCG authorisation process, which is anticipated to commence later this year once the Bill has concluded its legislative passage.  Similar processes are happening across England.

“NHS Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral PCT Cluster along with the NHS North of England will continue to work with the clinical leaders of the Wirral NHS Alliance to develop the best possible commissioning arrangements for the local population. “