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Initiative will see GPs help “stressed” get back to work

28 November 2007

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The government has launched a new initiative which aims to help people with stress and other mental health conditions find and keep work.

As part of the programme, which was unveiled by Health Secretary Alan Johnson and Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain, a pilot scheme which put Jobcentre Plus advisers in GP surgeries will be extended and a new £8m advice and support service will be established for smaller businesses.

The enlarged pilots, which are due to come into force during the second half of 2008, will focus on supporting people with mental health conditions and will be supported by a roll-out of an educational programme for GPs on health and work issues, focusing specifically on mental health and employment.

Alan Johnson said: “Each year many people are unnecessarily forced to give up their jobs because of mental health problems, which is a terrible waste of talent for British business and a great loss to the individual.

“This package is designed to help people keep well and in work, which will ultimately save businesses huge amounts in sick leave and contribute to a better quality of life for those who may have otherwise had to give up work.”

Department of Health

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