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Indemnity legislation update

25 July 2013

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Legislation currently being prepared by the government will force all healthcare professionals will need to have insurance or indemnity in place by the end of the year. 

Each registrant will need to confirm that cover is in place with their professional body. 

Most healthcare professionals will have cover through being indemnified by their employer, or could hold separate indemnity insurance. 

A statement released by NHS Employers said: “As a result of these planned changes and the communications being issued by the regulators to their registrants, we anticipate that staff may seek clarity from their employer as to the type and level of cover provided by virtue of their employment.

“Employers may wish to prepare this information in advance for their staff, if it is not already available.”

An independent review reported in June 2010 that there should be a statutory duty for registrants to have insurance or indemnity for liabilities which could happen while working as a registered health professional. 

At the same time, negotiations in Europe on professional indemnity were happening, and member states had to incorporate a system of professional insurance into law.