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Improve HR to avoid ‘burn-out’

10 October 2013

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Improving HR practices could help to boost productivity and avoid staff ‘burn-out’ in staff, a study claims. 

Research shows that 43% of UK employees are now working hard and say they cannot work any harder, compared to just 30% this time last year. 

The study, published by Randstand, suggests that two in five people are working close to breaking point. 

More than half (53%) of staff reported doing the job of more than one person. However, there is evidence to show that heavier workloads may help to boost the career progression of some workers. 

Mark Bull, Randstand UK and Middle East CEO said: “Finding the right person for the right job is ever more important. The economy is becoming more about human factors and services, which means the success of a business is increasingly determined by the calibre of talent it employs. 

“But roles are becoming more specialised, so require the right sort of person as well as the right sort of skills.”