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IHM urges the relationship between clinicians and managers to be addressed

20 February 2015

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Tension between managers and clinicians in healthcare remains a significant area for concern and needs to be addressed in the interests of improving patient care, according to the Institute of Health Management (IHM).

A recent survey by the IHM revealed that nearly three-quarters of managers (74%) think the relationship between the two groups of professionals could be defined as “a partnership with areas of tension” or “a relationship of tolerance with frequent tensions”. Add to these figures the fact that a further 14% believe the relationship has “persistent and unresolved tensions” and it becomes clear that it is time for action.

Commenting on the institute’s call to action, Shirley Cramer, CEO of IHM and the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), said: “Tension between clinicians and managers is a long-standing issue, fed in part by the difficulties each professional group can experience in understanding one another’s priorities. The end goal is the same – improving patient care – but the ways to achieve this are approached from different angles.”