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IGPM launches appraisal toolkit for practice managers

by Julie Griffiths
15 February 2024

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An appraisal toolkit for practice managers and PCN managers has been launched by the Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM). 

It aims to help practice managers ensure their own appraisals are fit for purpose.

Robyn Clark, director of the IGPM, said the annual appraisal was ‘pivotal’ in ensuring a practice manager was engaged and supported in their professional development.

However, this can be challenging for some appraisers.

‘Appraisals for managers in general practice or primary care networks are most frequently carried out by clinicians, some of whom we have heard admit that they know very little about the full scope of the management role,’ she said.

She added: ‘While most managers are experts at carrying out appraisals, their own experience of being appraised can be variable.’ 

The toolkit aims to provide structure to the appraisal meeting, ensuring that each appraisal is comprehensive, supportive and guided towards continuing development.

It helps guide the appraiser and appraisee in setting relevant objectives for the coming year and highlight any areas of top-quality performance or areas for development.

The toolkit mirrors the 10 domains of the IGPM accreditation framework. And as it is

aligned with the IGPM accreditation framework, it provides an additional tool for the completion of the accreditation application for members.

The toolkit is free for all IGPM accredited and associate members.

It is available from this week.  On 21 February, the IPGM is hosting a launch webinar to show how to use the toolkit. Those interested can sign up here.