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How we are celebrating the NHS turning 70

by Valeria Fiore
4 July 2018

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Valeria Fiore speaks to three different practice managers about what they are doing to honour the service’s landmark birthday
Veg on prescription
Alvanley Family Practice, Stockport: Practice manager Kay Keane and health champion David Chorlton will launch a practice allotment on 5 July 2018, to celebrate the NHS turning 70.
‘This piece of derelict land was not being used,’ Mr Chorlton says. For this reason, Stockport council gave it to the practice which is now collaborating with local companies to prepare the allotment for the grand opening.
Ms Keane says: ‘We are working on the planning, deciding who is doing what and taking care of the catering. We are also trying to have someone prominent to cut the ribbon and open it.
‘Our friends at Starting Point, a local community café where we host our singalong projects, will also be involved.’
Patients from both Alvanley Family Practice and the wider local community will be able to use the allotment as part of the successful social prescribing work led by the practice.
‘We are planning various activities but veg on prescription is going to be key. If anyone in the community wants to be involved in growing the veg, we will talk to Starting Point to help people cook the veg so patients can enjoy them for free,’ confirms Mr Chorlton.
Ms Keane adds: ‘We would love to have a session where people come and learn how to cook a dish based on the fresh vegetables we have on that day.’
The great NHS bake off
Lavender Hill Group Practice, London: Every birthday needs a cake and practice manager Nargis Khan is making sure the NHS has one.
‘On 5 July, we are going to have a one-hour lunch for our staff and patient participation group, as well as a cake with blue icing and the NHS logo,’ Ms Khan says.
‘We are going to have a quiz as well and I will give out some prizes. The questions will obviously be NHS-related’, Ms Khan adds.
The questions – compiled by Ms Khan – will allow her to test the staff’s knowledge on NHS policies. The winner will receive either vouchers or chocolate.
Marking the NHS birthday is an opportunity to show your staff how appreciated they are. Ms Khan concludes: ‘It’s important to celebrate the NHS because when you reflect on how much work goes on in the health service, it’s incredible. It’s unique and it doesn’t always happen around the world.’
Patient participation group awareness day
The Blackmore Vale Partnership, Dorset: Managing partner Jane Dawes and her patient participation group (PPG) will be hosting a PPG awareness day on 5 July to celebrate the 70th anniversary. Staff will meet patients in the reception areas of The Blackmore Vale Partnership’s four practices to talk about how to get involved.
‘Everybody dreads the PPG, but ours is incredible,’ Ms Dawes says.
‘It is fundamental because people are told they need to look after themselves, take more exercise, and drink and eat more sensibly, and the PPG can really help us with that agenda.’
How are you celebrating the NHS’s 70th birthday in your practice? Let us know by tweeting @GPpracticeMGMT