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Healthcare workers lack communication skills

31 October 2007

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Communication skills and the strategic use of IT top the skills shortages reported by healthcare employers in the voluntary sector, a survey shows.

The study carried out by Skills for Health examined the nature, scope and impact of skills gaps and shortages for paid healthcare employees.

Some 23% of workers lacked communication skills followed by 16% lacking IT and 14% lacking team working talent.

Commenting on the findings, John Rogers, Chief Executive of Skills for Health, said: “This report raises some challenges for the healthcare sector as a whole which need to be addressed in partnership between individuals, organisations and government.

“The findings will help refine Skills for Health’s work towards developing a skilled, flexible and productive workforce for the entire healthcare sector in England.”

The report is available in full via the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Skills for Health

National Council for Voluntary Organisations

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