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Hay fever higher among commuters and only children

11 July 2008

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People who travel regularly into cities for work are up to 23% more likely to experience hay fever symptoms than those who don’t commute, according to a survey.

The poll, conducted by health and wellbeing website New You, also found that first-born or only children are significantly more likely to experience hay fever symptoms than those born into families where there are already siblings. For example, an only child is 40% more likely to have hay fever than a second child.

Leanne Male, Asthma UK’s Assistant Director, Research, said: “Of the 67% of people with asthma who also have hay fever symptoms, 72% tell us that their asthma becomes worse as a result.

“This New You survey reveals more about the increasingly negative effects that pollution can have on asthma symptoms, indicating that the combination of hay fever, the urban environment and asthma could potentially be a recipe for disaster for commuters in terms of asthma symptoms and control.”

Asthma UK

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