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Half of jobseekers would ‘settle’ for SMEs

12 September 2013

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Most jobseekers would consider working for a small or medium enterprise (SME) but feel they offer less career progression, a new survey has shown. 

More than 8,400 people were surveyed by and 90% said they would work for an SME. 

Many (34%) believe the culture would be better at a small company compared to a large business, due to relationship building between close knit teams. 

However, over half of respondents (51%) said there is a smaller opportunity for career progression with an SME and 34% said that small businesses offer lower salaries. 

John Salt, director of said: “Despite the fact that the UK SME sector is booming, our research shows a perception among jobseekers that larger companies offer better career progression and salaries.

“In fact, the opposite is often the case; employees are more likely to be noticed in a SME and rewarded with promotions and pay rises, whereas it’s easier to be overlooked at larger companies.”

Salt added: “SMEs need to communicate the benefits and opportunities of working for smaller companies effectively to jobseekers. They are vital to the UK economy and provide a wealth of opportunities to grow, learn and succeed.”