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Guidance on ‘risky’ employees launched

1 August 2013

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Principles to minimise the risk of healthcare workers who are a cause for concern have been launched by NHS Employers. 

The guidance outlines key principles for sharing important information between the private and public health sector when the conduct or performance of a healthcare worker comes into question. 

Such employees can be a “cause for concern” as they could move between organisations before problems are addressed, according to NHS Employers. 

The document aims to strengthen existing policy and legislative levers, including tools that employers can use to ensure that measures are introduced to enable information sharing. 

Dean Royles, NHS Employers chief executive said: “Patients and the public put their trust in the professionals who care for them. 

“As employers, we have a responsibility to make sure those standards of care are the best they can be.” 

“By helping employers improve the way they share information about the performance of staff, we can help reduce the risk of exposing patients to substandard levels of care. That is something which employers in public, private and voluntary sector can all sign up to.”

The guidance is available on the NHS Employers website.