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GPs “worried about the future but happy about pay”

25 October 2007

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GPs in the UK are worried about the direction of the profession but are the happiest in Europe when it comes to pay, a survey shows.

A total of 399 GPs from the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany took part in the poll carried out for French family doctor magazine, Le Generaliste.

It found more than half (57%) of UK doctors are satisfied with their current wages compared with 44% in France, 29% in Italy, 18% in Spain, and 12% in Germany.

But 87% are concerned for the future of general practice, second only to the Spanish (90%), and above Germany (84%), Italy (83%) and France (79%).

One GP, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, said the results show family doctors are driven by more than just money.

He said: “This is what this Government is in danger of forgetting. UK general practice used to have very similar levels of dissatisfaction with pay compared with Europe, but it was part of a larger morale problem, and that was why the new contract was negotiated.

“Now GPs are happy with their pay, but they are still feeling undermined by Government policy that appears to devalue them, such as the obsession with bringing in private providers.

“It is creating insecurity and uncertainty amongst GPs over the future.”

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