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GPs to crack down on alcohol misuse

21 August 2007

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Doctors in Wales should take the lead in helping to change people’s attitudes towards alcohol misuse, says the Welsh British Medical Association (BMA).

Yesterday they unveiled a new set of policy proposals in a bid to crack down on Wales’ growing drinking problem.  

The BMA in Wales is calling on the Welsh Assembly and the UK government to work together in taking these proposals forward.

They suggest that more funding should be given to services designed to treat alcoholism and alcohol-related illnesses.

A national roll-out of local schemes is also needed to outlaw the drinking of alcohol in public streets, they say.

These new proposals follow the four point plan published in June to tackle Wales’ alcohol problem.

Welsh Secretary of the BMA Dr Richard Lewis said: “The BMA remains focused on offering practical solutions to Wales’ growing drink problem.

“After smoking, alcohol is the next big public health issue. The government needs to get grips with the problem.”

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