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GPs offered £20k for unplanned admission DES

7 April 2014

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General practice should be offered around £20,000 to deliver the new avoidable unplanned admission direct enhanced service (DES) in 2014/15, it has been revealed. 

The maximum payment per registered patient will be £2.87, which could be worth up to £20,340 for the average practice with a list of 7.087 patients. 

The new service aims to reduce unplanned hospital admissions through participating practices identifying the 2% of patients at risk of an unplanned admission. 

The patients will be placed on a register and assigned a names, accountable GP, and a care co-ordinator if needed. 

Patients should be informed of their named GP and care coordinator by the end of June 2014, officials have said. 

A joint statement from the British Medical Association, NHS England and NHS Employers reads: “Unplanned admissions to hospital are distressing and disruptive for patients, carers and families. Many unplanned admissions are for patients who are elderly, infirm or have complex physical or mental health and care needs which put them at high risk of unplanned admission or re-admission to hospital.” 

Detailed information on what is required of GPs participating in the DES is available online.