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GPs ‘less ready’ for revalidation

28 October 2013

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Primary care doctors are less ready for revalidation than other sectors, a new report has shown. 

Although over 95% of doctors are ready for revalidation across the board, primary care organisations had a slight dip against some indicators. 

Appraisals for staff grade, associate specialist and speciality doctors increased significantly compared to last year, but they still lag behind appraisal rates for primary care and mental health doctors. 

The third Organisational Readiness Self-Assessment (ORSA) report was designed to help organisations determine their readiness for medical revalidation. 

This year more than 620 organisations completed the ORSA, with a response rate of 96.7%. 

NHS Employers chief executive, Dean Royles, said: “If we are to fulfil the ambition of making good doctors better, we all  – patients, doctors, leaders, other clinicians and managers – need doctors to be fully engaged with revalidation and addressing what should change on the frontline. 

“It will make a big difference to NHS planning and ensure doctors are in the driving seat, leading the NHS as it strives to provide high quality, safe care every day of the week.”