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GPs cut out of pill prescription

23 June 2008

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Women will no longer have to visit their doctor to be prescribed the pill following the launch of an online service.

Initially, a three months’ supply is being offered to women already on the pill for £29.99. The service will then be expanded to those who have not taken it before.

Patients will be required to fill out a health questionnaire and any information may be followed up with questions by a doctor from the website, a spokesman for the firm said.

But doctors will have to rely on patients accurately reflecting their medical history and telling the truth about other factors, including their age.

A spokesman for the service said doctors will rely upon what the patient is telling them about their health, the same as with a face-to-face consultation.

But he said DrThom was unable to “verify anything independently” although it had decided only to prescribe to women aged 18 and over.

Dr Thomas Van Every, DrThom’s medical director, said: “The aim of our new contraceptive service is to make it easier and more convenient for women throughout the UK to get access to the Pill.

“Our specialist service is ideal for a woman living a long way from her GP or a woman who is too busy because of work or childcare to take the time to visit her GP.”

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