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GPs ‘bullied’ by managers over CCG set-up

29 November 2011

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GPs feel they are being “bullied” by PCT and SHA clusters over the size and set-up of CCGs.

One in six GPs surveyed said they are being “coerced” into altering the establishment of their CCG.

Such alterations will not benefit their patient population, they claim.

Dr Charles Alessi GP, a leader of the Clinical Commissioning Coalition has called on NHS Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson to stress the need for PCT and SHA clusters to set a “completely different tone”.

He added he is “deeply concerned” about the “top-down directives”.

“We’ve heard too many reports that CCGs are being told by the current system managers that they must be created in specific ways,” said Dr Michael Dixon, Chair of the NHS Alliance.

“In a significant number of cases, this seems to cross the line into unacceptable pressure in the form of bullying or coercion.”

Just under a quarter of the 257 emerging CCGs responded to the survey by the Clinical Commissioning Coalition – a joint venture between the NHS Alliance and the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC).