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GPC to review level of representation of sessional GPs on LMCs

25 September 2009

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A working party of the BMA’s general practitioners committee (GPC) is to look at how GPs can be better represented on local medical committees (LMCs).

However, Dr Richard Fieldhouse, chairman of the National Association of Sessional GPs (NASGP), reports that a more pressing issue is whether the BMA should set up a separate craft committee or keep non-principals within the GPC structure.

It follows a report from Dr Mark Selman, a locum in Devon and chairman of the new GP sessional working party, revealing that most LMCs say their leadership is dominated by partners, with very few sessional GPs.

He says: “We have looked at the idea of a separate craft committee before, many times. There are numerous pros and cons – the financial side becomes difficult and we are left out of the main negotiating process. There are a lot of downsides.”

Dr Fieldhouse says he will urge the working party to be “brave and bold”, adding: “If it elects to stay within the GPC then it needs to make sure it has really canvassed opinion widely among sessional and salaried GPs.”

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