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GPC: ‘GPs should be telling CCGs what to do’

22 May 2012

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Many CCGs are being developed without the involvement of grassroots GPs, the chair of the British Medical Association’s GP Committee has warned.

In his speech to the LMC conference in Liverpool today (22 May) Dr Laurence Buckman called upon GPs to stand up to those CCGs seeking to impose “unacceptable structures”.

“CCGs are membership organisations as we keep on being told, they are our creatures not just another version of the PCTs they replace,” he said.

“GPs should be telling [CCGs] want to do, not the other way around. We were told it was going to be different…the government needs to make it so.”

Dr Buckman also said the GPC will continue to work with GPs developing CCGs “because it is the only way to influence what CCGs will become” and urged LMCs to not withdraw themselves from engaging with CCGs.

Dr Buckman apologised if the planned “pragmatic engagement” upsets those against the Act.

“GPC has to represent those who would change our NHS forever, as well as those who want it to stay as it is,” he said.

“GPC has to deter the potential the potential harm within CCGs while ensuring that GPs are democratically involved in CCGs.

“Ordinary GPs must be there.”