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GP surgery closed for poor service

4 August 2011

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The surgery of a GP under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC) is to be closed.

NHS Tayside took the decision to terminate its contract with the Ardler Surgery in Dundee because the one-doctor practice had not provided the required level of service.

The GP in question, Dr Dennis Miller, is no stranger to the GMC and has faced various hearings since 2005, with conditions placed on his registration as a doctor.

For example, Dr Miller cannot prescribe certain drugs and can only practise as a GP at Ardler Surgery. In 2009, he was formally warned by the GMC for failing to properly record a methadone prescription.

NHS Tayside said the “significant decision” to close the Ardler Surgery was made because it has not met all of the conditions imposed and has not provided the level of service required under the General Medical Services contract.

Ardler Surgery’s 1,700 patients need not despair, however, for a temporary GP practice will be set up in Wallacetown Health Centre until they are able to register with another doctor.

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“I used to work in a single-handed GP surgery and always achieved top scores. It was a question of team work, which was offered by all staff. The patients loved us all – they received a first-class service and the staff were very happy in their work knowing that their contribution lead to a robust surgery. I totally disagree with the above comments – but
there again, I guess it all depends what kind of team you have behind you” – Evelyn Cupit, Surrey

“I am sure V Henry would love his/her family to be seen by never ending list of visiting locums like pass the parcel. Patient care seems to low in his/her priorities. You do not enter medicine if you want to have a work-life balance. PS I am very happy with my singlehanded GP – since 1988 – I am not just a patient number” – S Brown, Birmingham

“Single handed GP practices should not be allowed to operate within a changing NHS. The argument about personal doctor patient relationship and continuity of care in today’s NHS with improved medical and IT services is outdated – the necessity for such practices to continue and a doctor to work alone is pretty low particularly for his/her own sanity safety work life balance. In this day and age why would a doctor want to work alone with the added pressure lone working brings not to mention the possibilities of coercions and temptations good or bad that a doctor can be subjected to” – V Henry, London

“As an ex pat Dundonian if Wallacetown Medical Centre is near Wallacetown Church patients from the Ardler Surgery will have a long distance to travel” – Allan Stewart, location withheld